Al Maha Engineering Consulting

Al Maha Architecture Engineering Office is an engineering office that carries with it many experiences and ideas that we gathered for you to find engineering solutions based on correct theories, so we can finally come up with an engineering product that serves the individual and society with its efficiency and harmony with the surrounding environment.

Our Services

With our experience in design and project management, we have acquired the necessary skills specialized in the field of architectural design with preparation of tables of quantities and specifications and supervision of the site. Seek to achieve the expectations of the client, whether in project design or management with coordination with contractors and supervision of them.

Exterior Design

The exterior design of villas and palaces is a natural extension of the interior decoration in terms of needs, space and psychological tendencies of the property owner. It gives the house a distinctive and aesthetic appearance that represents the identity of the residents of the home and reflects their taste, so the exterior design should be characterized by sophistication and elegant shape that shows the beauty of the villas from the inside, but this exterior design needs special ingredients and a great interest in the external space and this is what Al Maha Engineering Center focuses on where Attention to the aesthetic appeal of design is one of the things that highlights it.

Interior Design

Interior design is defined as the art of planning, designing and beautifying human-made spaces, and this field is closely related to architecture, and although there is a clear interest in the aesthetics of places and their design throughout the ages, the field of interior design is still relatively recent in origin, and it is worth noting that It was called the interior decoration in the foot, which was loose and lacking in identification, which led the specialists to use a more precise term, so it was called the interior design known in some European countries as the interior architecture.

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