Mapping a Drive to a Network Folder Windows 10 Tips and Tricks: Connecting to Networks and the Internet

Step 1.Take the OS hard drive off from your dead or unbootable PC, then connect it to a running computer via a SATA-USB cable as an external hard drive. In that case, you should find the Windows 10 Product Key preinstalled. You can find it inside the packaging of the computer or in the Certificate of Authenticity attached to the PC. You can also contact the seller from whom you bought the computer for help. You will get the registry editor, navigate to the following path by expanding the folder tree. Type the cmd into the search bar and select the Command Prompt app from the search result.

  • Fusion 360 is updated approximately every six weeks.
  • However I’m now using Windows 8 Pro, and I can no longer reproduce.
  • Depending on how you got a genuine copy of Windows 10, here are different ways to find Windows 10 product key.

Having worked as a Software Engineer, mapping network drives was half of my job. But the process seems so easy and complicated, at the same time, that I never thought it could be used for personal computers too. As I mentioned before, a workgroup consists of PCs and devices connected to the same network, and it helps share files and resources like printers and external hard drives.

How to disable Windows Defender: 2 Ways and What You Need To Know

Perhaps the activation process went wrong or you entered an incorrect product key. There can be occasions when you’re confused about your product key or digital license. You’d want to know whether you indeed have one or if it’s time to shop for a new product key.

Rename the newly created DoeJ profile folder and Rename your original DoeJ profile back. Double-click the name of the computer or device you want to access. If prompted, enter the username and password to access that computer. When all computers can read and access files from the other computers on the network, continue to the next step to enable Internet access on the local network.


Now click on the manage settings and Turn Off all the Windows Defender security settings, as shown below. Double click on the Windows Defender taskbar icon and click on Virus & threat protection, as shown in the image below. In the latest Windows 10 builds, Microsoft has taken things to their logical conclusion by removing the option to disable Defender entirely. Microsoft regularly takes flak for removing customization options in Windows, but this change actually makes some sense.

Multiple Ways to Find Windows 11 Key On Your PC

Keep in mind that this will disable the Windows Defender Temporarily, not permanently. It will turn off this feature permanently on your device. You need to press Windows key + R to open the Run command and type gpedit.msc. If you are on a personal connection, like at home Click Here, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it this is not infected with malware. In general, we recommend disabling Defender if you have another active real-time scanning program active, so I agree with many here. Windows firewall also has the concept of Domain,private,public to apply a rule to.